International Projects Department

The International Projects Department initiates, coordinates and supports the educational projects of IB Süd. The department is responsible for research, acquisition of funding, supervision, evaluation, documentation, reporting and communication with authorities and relevant sections of IB. In addition the department coordinates the cooperation in transnational networks as well as in regional and national bodies.

IB Süd

IB Süd has its headquarters in Stuttgart and is active in 50 towns across Württemberg and Bavaria. For the youngest we offer child care service, child-rearing support, for youth we offer a wide range of schools and vocational training courses, we work with the elderly and provide homeless people with stable perspectives for their lives. For many years and with lots of experience we help refugees and support migrants in their social integration.

Internationaler Bund

With almost 14,000 employees, the Internationaler Bund (IB) is one of the largest service providers in youth, social and educational work in Germany. It supports children, adolescents, adults and pensioners, regardless of their origin, religion or ideology, in being responsible for their own lives. The motto 'MenschSein stärken' is simultaneously motivation and orientation for the employees of the IB. 'MenschSein stärken' means to help a person to help themselves, to (re)establish their self-sufficiency and their personal pride.

Founded in 1949, the IB looks back on decades of experience with people in difficult stages of their life. Its entrepreneurial activities are based on social engagement and the acceptance of social responsibility. Whether for modern training and further education, the procurement of a professional qualification or the specialised management of social services, the IB is the right contact.

The headquarters of the group of companies is in Frankfurt am Main.

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